ReQuTech is proud to introduce our field tested troposcatter and line of sight system called Tropoline 240


For use in areas with a threat of SATCOM denial the 2.4m Troposcatter auto-point ‘Flyaway’ antenna system Tropoline 240 is designed as a robust, light-weight and easy to use Flyaway for C-band communication over long distances.

Field testing of the Tropoline 240, March 2023.


  • 2.4m Segmented Carbon Fiber Reflector
  • Fully integrated motorized antenna • Antenna Control Unit (ACU) including Orientation Sensors
  • High Performance feed for C-band Troposcatter applications 4.4 – 5.0 GHz
  • Pointing accuracy ±0.2 degrees
  • Military Grade Light Weight Aluminium Pneumatic Mast with hand pump extendable to 3m
  • Two operators can mount the antenna typically in 50 minutes
  • Field tested


Requtech Press Contact:

Paul Wheatcroft

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