Phased arrays

The RESA series – Requtech Electronically Scanned Antennas

Fully integrated phased array antennas


Since 2011 Requtech has designed phased arrays and conducted internal projects and theoretical studies. By 2017 Requtech had initiated the design of phased array antennas for Ka bands and has since conducted several product designs.

In 2018 we received a national funding project together with Linköping University of Technology and the company Forsway for design and development of a comms on the move (COTM) antenna system which was steered either electrically or both electrically and mechanically. This project was called: “Array antennas for SatCom applications on mobile platforms”.

The project idea was to synergistically combine the knowledge and experience of antenna technology from Requtech, modem knowhow from Forsway and tracking algorithms from the University to develop the full tracking module required for a COTM/LEO/MEO antenna system.

In 2021 Requtech received funding from European Space Agency and Swedish Space National Board for development of a mesh-based RESA terminal.


Requtech has gone on to develop a range of products to be used primarily with the upcoming and future LEO and MEO satellite constellations and SatCom on the Move (SOTM). These are the Requtech Electronically Scanning Arrays, the RESA family.

Based upon industry accepted, proven chip sets and Requtech’s experience with phased array radar technology, the RESA family is based on a tile-based architecture. This technology core can be configured to meet our customer’s SWaP and data throughput requirements while the radome can be configured to meet the environmental needs – be it for a manpack or other land-based application, marine or airborne platform.

As a solid-state solution with no heavy or power-hungry motors, the RESA is extremely light weight, often less that 20kg depending on the configuration.

RESA has full duplex communication and is capable of multi-beam operation with extremely fast switching and scanning. RESA can be provided in various levels of integration including up to a fully integrated terminal with embedded modem, ACU, beacon receiver, GPS, IMU, up and down conversion etc. RESA can also be integrated with Wi-Fi and Cellular communications.

RESA is currently available in Ka band or Ku band. 

Future development

The RESA series come in S, M and L sizes to fit operations from ultra portable to fixed installed base solutions.

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