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Our satcom terminals are fully integrated solutions ranging from ultra portable phased array solutions to large 2.4 m transportable multiband systems

Manpack Satcom Terminals, Flyaway Terminals
and Satcom on the Move terminals

Requtech has production of Manpack satcom terminals that are portable communication devices designed to provide communication capabilities in remote locations where traditional communication infrastructure is unavailable.

The Requtech Electronically Scanned systems called RESA program are developed as scalable fully integrated terminals for Ka band and Ku band. They are compact, rugged, and operate via satellite connectivity, enabling communication with other terminals, command centers, or other assets.

Manpack satcom terminals are commonly used by military, emergency responders, and remote workers.

Requtech has production of flyaway, ultra portable and fixed reflector satcom terminals for C, X, Ku, and Ka band operations. The PICO 75 snd 120 terminals are multiband reflector systems designed as modular terminals with shared feeds and components. 

Flyaway terminals are portable satellite communication systems that can be quickly deployed and easily transported to remote locations. They consist of a compact antenna, a modem, and a baseband unit, and are designed for rapid setup and satellite link acquisition.

Our flyaway terminals are commonly used by military, broadcasters, emergency responders, and disaster relief organizations.

Satcom on the Move terminals combine mobility and reach-back communications  for accessing and sharing data while being on the move. Requtech Electronically Scanned Antenna – RESA – fully integrated satellite terminal.

RESA M is a fully integrated phased array flat panel antenna terminal suitable for Satcom-On- The-Move over LEO/MEO/GEO constellations. Designed with an increased transmit capability over RESA S, this member of the RESA family of flat panel satellite terminals, can be used as a stand- alone product or used in a mesh configuration with several RESA terminals.

This configuration is suitable for Marine or Vehicle Mount applications. Other members of the RESA family include fully integrated terminals for Land-based, Marine and Airborne communications solutions with radomes tailored to each application.

Requtech is a SATCOM product developer and manufacturer based in Sweden, with a global aim & reach!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A SATCOM terminal, short for Satellite Communications terminal, is a device used to establish communication links through satellites. It consists of an antenna to transmit and receive signals, a modem to modulate and demodulate data, and sometimes amplifiers for signal strength. The terminal communicates with satellites orbiting the Earth, which relay the signals to ground stations or other terminals. This technology enables long-distance communication even in remote or inaccessible areas.

 Satellite Communications terminals have a wide range of applications. They are used in military operations for secure and reliable communication, in aviation for air traffic control and aircraft communication, in maritime for vessel tracking and safety communications, in disaster response for establishing emergency communication, in broadcasting for transmitting TV and radio signals, and in remote areas where terrestrial networks are absent. You can view more solutions here.

Selecting the right SATCOM terminal depends on factors like data rate requirements, geographic location, mobility needs, and available budget. Consider the coverage area provided by different satellite networks, the terminal’s compatibility with the required frequency band, its SWaP; size and portability, power consumption, and any additional features like encryption for secure communication.

Yes, SATCOM terminals are suitable for mobile operations. Advancements in technology have led to the development of mobile SATCOMON on-the-move terminals that can be installed on vehicles, aircraft, and even carried by individuals. These terminals utilize advanced tracking and stabilization mechanisms to maintain a stable connection while in motion. We have multiple SOTM terminals that you can explore here.

Commonly used frequency bands in SATCOM include Ku-band, C-band, X-band, and Ka-band. Ku-band is popular for its balance between data rates and rain fade mitigation. C-band offers better resistance to rain fade and is used in regions with heavy rainfall. X-band is employed for secure military communications due to its limited susceptibility to interference. Ka-band provides high data rates but is more susceptible to rain fade. Our terminals cover all frequency bands. 

Weather conditions, particularly heavy rainfall, can lead to an effect known as “rain fade.” Rain fade causes signal attenuation as radio frequency signals are absorbed by raindrops, reducing the signal strength and causing disruptions in communication. To mitigate this, higher frequency bands, advanced modulation techniques, and larger dish sizes are communally used. Read more about rain fade here.

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) technology is a subset of SATCOM terminals. VSATs use small antennas to establish two-way communication with satellites. They are commonly used to provide broadband internet services in remote areas, connect remote offices to central networks, and support communication for various industries like banking, retail, and energy.

Yes, SATCOM terminals are susceptible to cyber threats. As they are connected to networks, they can be targeted by hackers for unauthorized access, data breaches, or even remote control. Implementing robust cybersecurity measures such as encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems is essential to protect your SATCOM communication from cyber threats.  Read more about SATCOM cyber threats here.

SATCOM terminals play a vital role in disaster response by enabling rapid communication in areas with damaged or nonexistent infrastructure. They facilitate coordination among emergency responders, provide access to critical information, enable remote medical consultations, and aid in locating and assisting affected populations.

The future of SATCOM terminals holds exciting developments. Antenna technology is evolving with electronically steerable arrays ( ESA) for faster and more precise communication. Integration with 5G networks and other communication systems will provide seamless connectivity. Enhanced data encryption and secure protocols will ensure protection against evolving cyber threats, making SATCOM terminals even more reliable and indispensable for various industries. Explore our future-proof RESA Multi-Orbit terminal here

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