Troposcatter Communications are used for beyond line of sight

– over the horizon –


Troposcatter, or Tropospheric Scatter Communications was widely used by the military for Beyond Line of Sight radio communications before the availability of Satellite Communications (SATCOM). Now with much improved technology and the growing concerns over regions of SATCOM denial, it is seeing a resurgence in popularity.   


The troposphere is the lowest part of the Earth’s atmosphere and contains 80% of the atmosphere’s mass and 99% of its water vapour. Troposcatter when two stations both point their antennas at a common volume in the troposphere. The signal ‘bounces’ off or is scattered by particles (water, dust etc.) and can be received by the second station’s receiving antenna. The useful range of troposcatter is approximately 100 to 500km. 

Requtech’s solution, the Tropoline 240 is a 2.4m diameter reflector system mounted on a pneumatic telescopic mast to raise it above obstacles and people and uses state of the art SSPAs and modems for maximum efficiency. 

Future development

Requtech continues to develop the software and hardware design to even further improve the design and keep it relevant in today’s communications world. Future Troposcatter systems will include an X band version and a smaller 1.2m system for increased portability. 

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