PICO75 - Light weight multiband portable terminal EUTELSAT Characterized

PICO75 terminal is a compact and robust X, Ku and Ka-band antenna system. The system comprises antenna system, BUC, LNB, ReQuTech's ACU with integrated modem unit for fast satellite acquisition called RAM-U. The system is compliant with ITU-R S.465 and EUTELSAT ESOG120 standard and has passed Eutelsat characterization.


PICO120 - Light weight multiband portable terminal EUTELSAT Characterized

PICO120 flyaway terminal designed for optimal performance at X, Ku and Ka-band. Comprises Antenna system, RAM-U (integrated modem) antenna control unit and casing. The antenna RF system is provided with feed chain filters, polarizer and related microwave parts. Has passed EUTELSAT Characterization.


Solutions for Communications On The Move

ReQuTech's latest development is within Electronically Scanned Antennas. The ultra light and compact Communications On The Move (COTM) system is designed for full Ka band operations. Applications are Maritime, land mobile and Air borne systems.

1.2m fully automated terminal for SES mPOWER systems

Portable satcom terminals

ReQuTech has production of portable satcom terminals for C, X, Ku, and Ka band operations. One of our latest design is the 1.2m fully automatic SES mPOWER solution.

Look out for our fully integrated electronically steered antenna solutions during 2021.

RESA-S product by ReQuTech

Fully integrated electronically steered flyaway terminal

RESA-M COTM terminal

on the move

Having developed reflector based COTM terminals systems since 2012, our latest product development is within fully integrated phased array terminals. Low profile, light weight and optimal performance to satisfy international standards such as FCC & ITU.

Microwave components

Our microwave components for applications within the satcom and telecom have been used in the industry since 2009. The available solutions listed here cover C, X, Ku and Ka band operations. In addition to these products, we often deliver new tailored solution based on the mechanical and electrical constraints.


With forefront technology and a deep understanding of customer needs Requtech delivers antenna solutions for the future. We work closely together with our customers regardless it is complete systems, services, products or individual components.

Our services


We are well established when it comes to design and production of antennas and wave-guide components. With deep know-how and established tools we successfully deliver tailored antenna designs.


Our goal is always to produce tailored antenna designs with no risks for our customers. To do so we oversee the entire product development chain, from design to manufacturing.

testing and approval

We have co-operations with several antenna test houses for verification of antenna performance. We have e.g. conducted type approvals of several antenna systems for Eutelsat and Intelsat.


We offer patent and IPR services for design of new products, and work in a flexible way to deliver top class solutions depending on the customer’s situation and preferences.

Latest news


ReQuTech has achieved ‘Approved Vendor’ status from Airbus Defence and Space. Both companies look forward to working together to provide innovative, interoperable and collaborative solutions to our customers.


ReQuTech has received major order for delivery of next generation MEO terminals. ”Our team has worked considerably in all aspects of LEO/MEO terminal development and we are proud to announce that one of the most renown international satellite owners has chosen us for delivery of terminals”, says CEO Dr. Sotoudeh.


Requtech is proud to announce that it is involved with Saab Aerospace’s Project IntDemo. The aim of this project is “To strengthen the OEM capability and thereby enhance the competitiveness of the Swedish aviation industry,” said Jan Erik Lindbäck, Project Manager for Saab Aerospace. Many technology SMEs, Universities and Research Institutes have innovative concepts, ideas, and new working methodologies that for various reasons, usually lack of funding, never make it to market.

This project is a vehicle for Saab Aerospace to help transition these ideas and concepts into potential products and methodologies by developing demonstrators linked to a selected platform project.

Requtech’s part in this project is to study and understand the best way to integrate a SatCom phased array antenna into an aircraft’s structure. In this way the structure will effectively be the protective radome for the antenna. This has many challenges because it requires expertise in electrical, RF and mechanical engineering to overcome the rigorous and conflicting requirements of RF transparency and the mechanical strength to withstand the structural and environmental conditions. Omid Sotoudeh, Requtech’s CEO, said “Requtech’s multi-discipline engineering team is perfectly suited to successfully taking on this challenge. We expect this will help to lead to new breakthroughs in airborne flat panel phased array design”.

2020-04-03: ReQuTech has now signed an agreement to transfer the land based COTM system to ASTG

”This is an important step in our technology and product strategy. By acquiring this technology, we are complementing our stabilized SatCom solutions to also cover the land segment. There are good synergies with our existing Maritime products, and we will now use our knowledge to move the technology from prototype stage into a final product and production ramp up. We will start to market the solution immediately. I am also very pleased to welcome ReQuTech as one of our new main shareholders in ASTG, and I am looking forward to do more business with the two owners of ReQuTech, Omid Sotoudeh and Johan Lassing from Qamcom”, says Carsten Drachmann, CEO at ASTG.

”ReQuTech has a clear strategy of developing state of the art technology for satellite communication. We have worked for several years to develop this unique solution for SatCom on the Move for Land, and we are delighted to handover it over to ASTG. ASTG has the knowledge and ability to productize the technology and take it to market. We are also very pleased to be new shareholders and investors in ASTG and we look forward to create more technology with ASTG in a long term relationship, both as ReQuTech and Qamcom”, says Omid Sotoudeh, CEO and Founder at ReQuTech, and Johan Lassing CEO and founder at Qamcom.

In the transaction, ASTG will acquire all the technology, design and IP rights needed in relation to the specified solution for land-based on the move communication, initially aimed at a commercial market. There will be no transfer of employees in the transaction. ASTG will incorporate the technology and solution into its ongoing operation, and purchase, when needed, resources and competence from ReQuTech, who in turn have provided necessary warranties for availability of resources. The technology value of the solution at its current stage is agreed to be 8 000 000 SEK.

ReQuTech receives Eutelsat Characterization for the PICO75 and PICO120 ku band terminals

Eutelsat characterization for PICO75 and PICO120 Ku band terminals

2020-01-24: ReQuTech receives Eutelsat Characterization for the PICO75 and PICO120 ku band terminals.

Requtech AB and Qamcom Research & Technology AB join forces

Requtech AB and Qamcom Research & Technology AB (QRT) will join forces by QRT buying half of Requtech and making it a part of the Qamcom group. The decision to join forces is a consequence of the increased market interest in Requtech’s satellite antenna system products and solutions.

QRT is a specialist R&D company, providing solutions, products and services within Wireless connectivity (5G), Autonomous systems and Industrial IoT. We are certain that this new constellation will provide a very stable foundation that will enable us to deliver even better long term quality, support and product development capabilities.

ReQuTech’s latest product is the ultra light and compact Communications On The Move (COTM) system for hybrid Ku and Ka band operations. Applications are Maritime, land mobile and Air borne systems.