Manpack Satcom Terminals

These systems are portable and can be deployed quickly. The RESA – ReQuTech Electronically Scanned Antennas state-of-the-art within phased array terminals and developed for LEO, MEO and GEO operations.

We offer own-developed and produced terminals

About manpack satcom terminals

Manpack satcom terminals, also known as portable satellite terminals or backpack satellite terminals, are compact and lightweight communication devices designed for use in remote and rugged environments. They are commonly used by military personnel, emergency responders, journalists, and other professionals who require reliable communication capabilities in areas where traditional communication infrastructure is unavailable or inadequate.

ReQuTech manpack satcom terminals can be carried by an individual or mounted on a vehicle, and can operate on various frequencies and bands. Produced to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and physical shock.

They are designed to provide reliable connectivity with low-latency, high-speed data transfer rates, and secure communications. Perfectly suitable for quick deployment and easy setup, typically requiring only one or two individuals to assemble and configure the system.

RESA – ReQuTech electronically Scanned Antennas delivers full duplex communication and is capable of multi-beam operation with extremely fast switching and scanning. RESA can be provided as a fully integrated terminal with embedded modem, ACU, beacon receiver, GPS, IMU, up and down conversion etc. RESA M Ka can also be integrated with Wi-Fi and Cellular communications.

ReQuTech Electronically Scanned Antenna – fully integrated satellite terminal. Designed as a lightweight member of the RESA family of flat panel satellite terminals, RESA S can be used as a stand-alone product or used in a mesh configuration with several RESA terminals.

RESA S comes with freaquency bands Ku or Ka.

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