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REsearch QUality TECHnology

At the forefront of communications technology

Requtech is a SATCOM product developer and manufacturer based in Sweden, with a global aim & reach!

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Research + Quality + Technology

When we started our journey back in 2009, we had 3 words in our minds that would not only shape the name of the company, but much more lead us in our progress towards becoming a major global player within the GEO, LEO and MEO connectivity. 

These 3 words are REsearchQUality and TECHnology, meaning REQUTECH.

They also have a genuine meaning for our whole operation. Hence, we are conducting high-end research with a top-notch quality production, resulting in cutting edge technology that puts Requtech at the forefront.

Requtech – enabling the success of LEO and MEO satellite constellations

We have a clear vision to be the ‘Go – To’ Antenna Terminal designer and manufacturer for the high end Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) Communications market. Our founder, Omid Sotoudeh, started the journey in 2009 in Sweden with an experienced multi-discipline core team from Ericsson and Saab Defense. 

In 2019 we won the ORION Phased Array research project with the European Space Agency (ESA) and launched the PICO flyaway terminals in 2020. In 2021 we launched the RESA phased array terminals. Requtech now stands at the forefront of SATCOM with over 100 clients and together with production we are a team of 29. With established partnerships together with global leaders.

Flat Panel Phased Array Terminals - The game changer in LEO satellite communication


RESA is an excellently engineered design taking advantage of Requtech’s engineering team’s many years of experience in developing phased array radars. This experience, knowledge, the use of tried-and-tested techniques and materials means the development and ongoing supply is extremely low risk compared to some competing designs which use more exotic materials. RESA is available in Ku or Ka band.

Requtech’s solution delivers a terminal in full compliance with the satellite constellation requirements. Requtech achieves this by putting a lot of effort into terminal characterization over 1000s of hours of measurements conducted in Requtech’s in-house anechoic test chamber.

Parabolic solutions for MEO satellite constellations

Designed to work in pairs, the PICO120aMEO can constantly track MEO satellites. The single modem helps with handover between the satellites as they pass horizon to horizon. The antennas have been innovatively designed to avoid the keyhole effect while keeping construction as simple and robust as possible.

Designed for constant 24/7 use in all weathers, these antennas are extremely robust and use state-of-the-art components and motors to make sure the customer never loses communications.

Working closely with SES, the terminals fully meet the requirements for O3b mPOWER SATCOM and have been tested extensively at their site in Luxembourg. The antennas come with a Ka band 4-port feed for both Co-pol and Cross-pol communications.

Flexible and bespoke product development

All our production is in ISO certified factories in Europe. And with a prosperous relationship with the leading materiel suppliers, we have the capacity to quickly ramp up production and also produce according to bespoke specifications. 

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