Requtech Electronically Scanned Antenna
fully integrated Ku-band Multi-Orbit SATCOM  terminal


RESA M is a fully integrated phased array, flat panel antenna terminal that comes in Ku bands that covers GEO and LEO,  constellations for on-the-move and on-the-pause applications where the mission calls for a robust communication solution built for extreme conditions.

When mission success hinges on secure and reliable communication in the harshest of environments, the RESA M steps up to the challenge. Designed as a manpack solution, this robust terminal is engineered for rugged dependability and unmatched performance, ensuring you stay connected when it matters most.

Robust and Portable: The RESA M is more than just a communication device; it’s a lifeline for military personnel on the move. Its compact, manpack design means you can take it anywhere, making it an essential companion for those who need to maintain a link to command centers and fellow operators in the field.

Mil-Grade Toughness: designed and built to withstand the most demanding operational conditions, the RESA M is constructed to military specifications. It can take a beating and keep performing, ensuring that you can rely on it in the heat of battle or remote, unforgiving terrain.

Stand-Alone or Mesh Configuration: The RESA M is adaptable to your operational needs. Whether you require a stand-alone solution or wish to create a networked mesh configuration with multiple RESA terminals, this system can be customized to your specifications.

Marine, Vehicle, and Manpack Ready: Versatility is key in military operations, and the RESA M is ready to answer the call in various scenarios. Whether it’s deployed on a marine vessel, mounted on a vehicle, or carried as a manpack, this system seamlessly integrates into your mission strategy.

When the mission demands low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) combined with high-throughput capabilities, the RESA M stands ready to deliver. Whether it is for single or multi-orbit focus, rugged design, and adaptability make it a trusted partner for military operations, ensuring that you stay connected and in command, no matter where duty takes you.

Ruggedized MIL-STD design with Field replaceable fan bays for all weather IP68 operations


Fully integrated SATCOM terminal

OpenAIMP supported to be delivered with any modem and BUC configurations

Mesh networking of several devices supported
Stay connected even with a semi-blocked field view

Only 25kg

The lowest SWaP ESA terminal

Rapid deployment in the harshest conditions

Patented smart integrated ACU for rapid satellite acquisition

Instantaneous connection​

Precise tracking and seamless satellite switchover

Ruggedized design for any environment

Designed to be challenged whether its at sea or land


Requtech Electronically Scanned Antenna with Ku frequency band

RESA M Ku comes in both GEO-only and Multi-Orbit GEO/LEO versions.  A true ESA terminal with superior SWaP that is delivered as a plug-and-play solution. 


TX Frequency
GEO 13.75 – 14.5 GHz | OneWeb 14. – 14.5 GHz
RX Frequency
GEO 10.7- 12.75 GHz | OneWeb 10.7 – 12.75 GHz
G/T, typical (boresight)
GEO 11 dB/K | OneWeb 11 dB/K
Linear EIRP (boresight)
GEO 49 dBW | OneWeb 36.6 dBW (OneWeb required)
Linear or Circular electronically switched
Side-lobe PDR Tx
PSD Tx FCC 25.218
Tx XPD25 dB
Rx XPD25 dB
Tracking error< 0.05 dB
Beam update rate100 Hz
Field of view
Azimuth adjustment
360° with a pointing step size of 0.1°
Elevation adjustment
Electronically beam steering from 10° to 90°
Power Supply (excl. Modem)24V 15A
Power consumption
 GEO 480W| OneWeb 370W
DC Power
MIL-DTL-5015 (2-pin)
Operating Temperature
-20° to +55°C / -5° to +130°F
Storage Temperature
-40° to +70°C / -40° to +160°F
250 km/h / 155 mph
DimensionsL90xW50xH13 cm
Terminal Weight
25 kg depending on configuration

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