Requtech to launch RESA M Ku phased array terminal featuring live demos at SOF Week 2024 in Tampa

  • Special launch & demo event co-hosted with Network Innovations

Linköping, Sweden – 6 May 2024: Requtech AB, a leader in satellite communication technology, announces it will host a special launch event with strategic partner, Network Innovations US & UK Government, at SOF Week 2024 in Tampa. The highly robust RESA M Ku phased array terminal engineered for rugged dependability and high performance, ensuring connectivity under extreme conditions has previously been shown in protype format.

  • The SOF Week exclusive event will feature live demonstrations of the Requtech RESA phased array terminal in North America for the first time. 
  • At the joint event, Network Innovations will highlight their Mult Transport, RF Surveying and Exfiltration solutions.

The Requtech RESA M Ku terminal has previously completed successful validation testing of its state- in both Geostationary Earth Orbit and Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

With customers in 35 countries, Requtech is providing armed forces, governmental agencies, and blue light operations around the world with high-performance SATCOM terminals based on cutting-edge on-the-move technology for LEO, GEO and MEO constellations. Requtech’s modular, lightweight, and low power consumption terminal technology is highly adaptable, providing optimal performance in both portable and on-the-move scenarios.

Launch & Demo Event Details:

  • Place: Hotel Tampa Riverwalk
  • Date: May 8th
  • Time: 5-8 pm
  • Demo suite location: Riverview Room
  • Live demos – Requtech RESA phased array terminal

A black and white poster with text

Description automatically generatedHighly suitable for armed forces missions, Requtech’s phased-array electronic signal technology included in the RESA terminal is highly intuitive, meaning no need to point and the system can seamlessly connect to different satellites, mobile and geostationary, the phased array signal will not be tracked and intercepted and when combined with encryption, interpretation of the signal is blocked – crucial for building mission critical security.

For additional details for the SOF Week demo event, contact Marko Grujicic, Sales & Marketing Officer, /+46 (0) 735062675





About Requtech AB
Requtech AB, based in Linköping, Sweden, is at the forefront of satellite communication technology. We specialize in developing high-performance, reliable satellite communication systems. Our mission is to revolutionize communication capabilities, enhancing global connectivity through innovative solutions.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Marko Grujicic
Sales and Marketing Officer, Requtech AB
+46 (0) 735062675



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