Design & Production

ReQuTech specializes in the development of tailored antenna systems. We work with you, our customers, to find the optimal solution to satisfy your requirements. Our goal is to find the most suitable solution for each project based on the required production quantities, budget and time-to-market constraints.
ReQuTech conducts design, prototyping, test and production of the products to satisfy each project’s requirements. ReQuTech takes responsibility for the entire product development chain from design to manufacturing thus minimising any potential function, on time and on-budget project risks

Design Services

Requtech has years of experience in the design and production of antennas and wave-guide components. Requtech utilizes a combination of in-house algorithms and well-established tools in the industry for design and development of antenna systems. With know-how in electromagnetic theory, computational electro-magnetics and experience within manufacturing and production of these products, we can ensure the successful delivery in of each project.

Our goal is to deliver tailored antenna designs with no risks for our customers. We achieve this by overseeing the entire product development chain, from design to manufacturing

Testing and Approval

PICO terminal testing at Thales

All our antenna system designs follow a robust design verification procedure. We have therefore full confidence in our product development and manufacturing methodology.

ReQuTech has co-operations with several antenna test houses for verification of antenna performance. Antenna performance testing has been conducted for antenna sizes ranging from small terminal antennas up to our latest testing of a 2.2 m C, X, Ku and Ka band antenna system. We have worked many years building a close cooperation with our test ranges and in the latest case even lead the development and verification of a near-field antenna test range for testing of antenna sizes up to 3 m at 30 GHz.

We have therefore in-depth understanding of the mechanical and electrical requirements for testing different types of antenna systems. We have conducted type approvals of several antenna systems for Eutelsat and Intelsat and can take the product development all the way to finalized type approved antenna system.