Since 2011 ReQuTech has designed phased arrays and conducted internal projects and theoretical studies. By 2017 ReQuTech had initiated the design of phased array antennas for Ka bands and has since conducted several product designs. In 2018 we received a national funding project together with Linköping University of Technology and the company Forsway for design and development of a coms on the move (COTM) antenna system which is steered either electrically or both electrically and mechanically. This project is called: Array antennas for SatCom applications on mobile platforms. The project idea is to synergistically combine the knowledge and experience of antenna technology from ReQuTech, modem knowhow from Forsway and tracking-algorithms from the University to develop the full tracking module required for the COTM/LEO/MEO antenna system. In 2021 ReQuTech received funding from European Space Agency and Swedish Space National Board for development of the mesh based RESA terminal.

RESA is a multi-beam, flexible terminal technology which can be scalled to various sizes and frequency bands. ReQuTech has technology for Ka, Ku and X bands.

From a customer and commercial point of view there are several disadvantages with a reflector based satcom system. However, if the market is not solely interested in the performance factors of the antenna product, rather a balance between performance and usability factors, such as: weight; packaging; portability; ease of use; volume, then one must also start considering more complicated solutions such as the phased array antennas.

Phased arrays deliver a very flexible antenna solution in which the antenna beam can be directed to different points in the sky with very fast speed and high accuracy. With a phased array solution one can continuously scan the skies and satellite orbits and make a quick handover between several terminals operating in a mesh network. In the table below we are comparing the different solutions. All solutions have advantages and disadvantages, and as they are operating in the same market space, it is important to understand and discuss which solution might be the most viable one. After extensive work in the field since 2015, Requtech believes that the most suitable solution is a fully electronically steered antenna able to connect to other antenna systems in a mesh to give the ability to cover the entire hemisphere.

RESA panel by requtech
RESA by ReQuTech

RESA Ka specifications

Application LEO

Low  latency: 20-40 ms


Latency: 500-600ms

Downlink Throughput 230 mbps

(for 36 MHz allocated bandwidth)

7 mbps

(for 36 MHz allocated bandwidth)

Uplink Throughput 400 mbps

(for 36 MHz allocated bandwidth)

75 mbps

(for 36 MHz allocated bandwidth)

G/T 11 dB/K 11 dB/K
EIRP 42 dBW 42 dBW
Weight Mid 10-30 kg Mid 10-30 kg
Dimensions 50×80 cm 50×80 cm
Power requirement W 600 W 600 W

Portable terminal for Maritime and flyaway applications

ReQuTech Electronically scanned antennas RESA

Coms On The Move solution

RESA-M COTM terminal