Ka 75 cm antenna system

RQT-Ka 75 cm antenna is designed as a low cost, compact and robust Ka-band solution. The system comprises the antenna reflector, feed chain filters, polarizer and related microwave parts. The system is compliant with ITU-R S.465 and EUTELSAT ESOG120 standard.

Key Features

  • Adaptable antenna system
  • Eutelsat and ITU-R S.465 compliant
  • Robust Ka band antenna system
  • Optional integrated BUC and LNB
  • Applicable for SOTM or fixed terminals

The antenna system is tailored to fit the customer mechanics and interface. If required the system parameters can be adjusted to fit the customer needs.

Application Ka-band reflektor system
TX Frequency 29.5 – 30.0 GHz
RX Frequency 19.7 – 20.2 GHz
Polarity Circular
RHCP up / LHCP down mechanical pol.change
Antenna Ring focus back fire feed
Flange for connections WR28, WR42
Main reflector Diameter 75 cm, depth 15 cm
Return-loss Tx/rx 2o dB
Isolation Tx-Rx 60 dB
Frequency (GHz) Gain (dBi) -3 dB (HPBW, deg)
19.7 42.3 0.6
20.2 42.3 0.6
29.5 45.5 0.4
30.0 45.6 0.4

Antenna patterns for 75 cm solution showing full compliance with ITU-R460 & Eutelsat ESOG120.