Requtech’s 3.7m motorised antenna is designed for high pointing accuracy, ease of installation/set-up and robustness for long life. Made of state-of-the-art composite materials, hot dipped galvanised steelwork and high precision engineering.

For Ka band application
RQT37R The RQT37R Rx only antenna can receive signals from the whole Ka band Rx range and can optionally be supplied with Swedish Microwave’s LNA and multiple BDC systems to take advantage of the broadband feed/polariser/OMT ensuring that all signals can be captured. Other LNB solutions are available. The included OMT provides both RHCP and LHCP polarisations.
RQT37T The RQT37T Tx/Rx is compliant with Eutelsat’s KA-SAT specification. Customers can specify their own LNBs and BUCs.
The 9-piece (Hub and 8 Petals) Carbon fiber Reflector is easily deployed. When correctly assembled the reflector has an RMS surface accuracy of better than 0.5 mm – industry leading for this type of antenna – providing a Gain at 22 GHz of 56.1 dBi and at 30 GHz of 58.7 dBi. The design minimises shipping cost and the whole antenna can easily be shipped in a standard ISO container. Both the RQT37R and RQT37T utilise splashplate (backfire) feed designs meaning that all electronics can be mounted at the rear of the antenna for ease of maintenance. Requtech is happy to provide extra custom fixtures at the rear of the antenna for mounting customer equipment.
The Positioner incorporates an embedded Requtech designed Antenna Control Unit (ACU) which interfaces to the modem either wirelessly or over ethernet. This means that power is only required at the antenna pedestal so that only a simple ethernet cable has to be laid across the site from the ‘office’. The ACU has the OPEN/AMIP interface protocol so will work with most manufacturers’ modems.
Non-Penetrating Mounts comprising multiple trays to hold standard concrete blocks (not supplied) are available.

ATLAS370 3.7m Ka terminal

Key Features

  • Fully integrated motorised antenna system
  • Android Mercury App for quick acquisition
  • Interchangeable feeds (same antenna) for Rx only and Tx/Rx applications
  • Packed into ISPM-15 wooden cases for international shipping
  • Eutelsat KA-SAT and ITU-R S.465 compliant
  • Carbon Fiber Segmented Reflector
  • Hot dipped galvanised Pedestal
  • Excellent Performance over -50 to +120 deg C (-58 to 248 deg F)