75 cm Ku and Ka-band terminal


Manual / automated antenna terminal is designed as a low cost, compact and robust Ku and Ka-band manpack. The system comprises of Antenna system, control unit and casing. For auto-pointing solution with motorization, ACU with WLAN connection to tablet for easy control are provided. The antenna RF system is provided with feed chain filters, polarizer and related microwave parts. The system is compliant with ITU-R S.465 and EUTELSAT ESOG120 standard.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated manpack
  • Robust Ku and Ka-band antenna system
  • Feeds for X, Ku, Ka-bands are available
  • Delivered in one single case for single band operation
  • Eutelsat and ITU-R S.465 compliant
  • Can be automated with add on motorization solution
Ku-band PICO75
Transceivers ReQuTech feed specifcation
Ku-band Horn,
OMT and filters for optional BUC and LNB
TX Frequency 13.75 – 14.5 GHz
RX Frequency 10.7 – 12 .75 GHz
EIRP 51.5 dBW (with 20W BUC)
49.3 dBW (with 12W BUC)
Polarity Linear, mechanical skew adjustment
Flange for connections WR75
Return-loss Tx/Rx 20 dB
Isolation Tx-Rx 70 dB
Tx gain @midband 39.25 dBi
Rx gain @midband 38.9 dBi
Tx XPD 30 dB
Rx XPD 30 dB
G/T Rx 19.2 dBi/K
Ka-band PICO75
Transceivers E TRIA transceiver, Skyware Technologies, HughesNet transceiver
ReQuTech feed specifcation
2 port or 4 port,
Feed systems for optional BUC/LNB
TX Frequency 29.0 – 30.0 GHz
RX Frequency 19.2 – 20.2 GHz
EIRP 57.2 dBW (with 20W BUC)
55.0 dBW (with 12W BUC)
Polarity Circular RHCP / LHCP, mechanical pol. change,
Flange for connections WR28 WR42
Return-loss Tx/Rx 20 dB
Isolation Tx-Rx 70 dB
Tx gain @midband 45.2 dBi
Rx gain @midband 42.2 dBi
Tx AR 0.9 dB
Rx AR 0.8 dB
G/T Rx 22.4 dBi/K


Manual positioner specification

  • Azimuth 360°, pointing accuracy 0.1°
  • Elevation 0-90°, pointing accuracy 0.1°
  • Pointing stability <0.16°


  • 18kg for manual terminal with Ku and Ka band feeds included.
  • Packaging – soft case – weight aprox. + 1,8 kg dim. 550x300x170 (mm)
  • Packaging- hard case- weight aprox. + 8 kg (ATA/TSA ready for airline travel)


Environmental specification

  • Operating temperature, -30 to 70° C
  • Humidity 100% condensing
  • Wind speed 45 km/h with 75 km/h gusts